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How B’n’Tree Works

What is B’n’Tree?

The concept of B’n’Tree is as simple as it is powerful: Whenever you book a bed via one of our partner links, we plant a tree. For Free!

Rest assured that your bed won’t cost a single Cent more than usual. You also don’t have to worry about anything. Simply begin your booking on, we will take care of the rest.

Planting trees not only helps to offset travel-generated carbon emissions, but also creates jobs for local communities and habitat for exotic wildlife species.

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B’n’Tree Achievements

Thank you for contributing to these achievements! Let’s keep growing together!

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Whether it’s your next business trip, couple escape, family visit, weekend getaway or annual holiday. Every time you book a bed, we plant a tree. For Free!

Click on a logo and place your booking! We’ll take care of the rest.

Our Community

People from five different continents are helping us to plant trees, save animal species and create jobs. Will you, too?

Why we plant trees

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Planting trees creates jobs and recurring income for local communities

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Trees offer much-needed habitat for exotic animal species

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Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen – vital to our survival

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Trees restore natural water cycles and help fight draughts and floods

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Trees prevent soil erosion and protect smaller plants

Where we are planting trees

B’n’Tree invests 100% of its profits into planting trees.

To date, we have planted trees in six countries on four continents, including Madagascar, Kenya, Thailand, India, the USA and Ecuador.

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13,862 mangrove trees have been planted in Madagascar to date. The local community is delighted about the newly created jobs, and knows that mangroves are home to small fish. These are prey for bigger fish. And these again are a delicacy on the locals’ plates.


Kenya’s capital Nairobi and the wonderful wildlife plains of Masai Mara gained 10,000 trees thanks to the sensational support of B’n’Tree users. Trees are planted with the help of local schools and universities, educating the youngest in our society on the importance of trees, nature and conservation.


Southern Thailand has gained 6,000 trees since the beginning of B’n’Tree. We mostly plant banana palms and fish tail palms near national park borders. These are elephant favorites, and help keep wild elephants away from human settlements.


The first 100 trees were planted in Ecuador in 2016. Back then B’n’Tree was a mere fantasy. We’re delighted to see how wonderful things have developed, and are thankful for the dedicated Ecuadorian team that laid the foundation.


The reforestation of India’s North began in autumn 2018, to re-establish a former elephant corridor – which of course profits a big number of other wildlife as well. To date, we have planted 89 trees in India with the help of the local community.


In late 2018, we began reforesting areas in California that had been hit by severe forest fires. To date, we have planted 35 trees here. Just a humble beginning, but better than nothing at all. Help us plant more!

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Help us create jobs for local communities and habitat for exotic wildlife species.

Click on a logo and place your booking! We’ll take care of the rest.

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