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Chris Kaiser and a team of international experts conceived and run B’n’Tree.

Here’s Why.

B’n’Tree Background Story

After having lived and worked on five continents, Chris moved to a National Park area in Southern Thailand in 2012, where he witnessed the dramatic effects of deforestation first hand. Then he fell in love with elephants, and B’n’Tree began…

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In the early 20th century, roughly 80% of Thailand were covered with forest. With increasing population and a booming tourism industry, a lot of these forests were cut down to expand infrastructure and build tourism facilities. After the turn of the millennium, only 22% of Thailand were left covered in forest – and international tourist arrival numbers higher than ever.

The decreasing forest areas meant a progressive loss of habitat for Thailand’s animal species, including marvelous but partly critically endangered species such as Asian Elephants, Malayan Tapirs, Sumatran Tigers or Malayan Sun Bears.

Less natural habitat lead animals to forage for food near human settlements, increasing the human-animal conflict, often ending in innocent blood being shed.

However, blaming the local farmers for protecting their crops would be unfair, since all they intended was providing a livelihood for their families.

The answer occurred to Chris during winter contract negotiations with overseas tour operators: As Thai hotels paid local Destination Management Companies who paid overseas wholesalers who paid local retailers who paid their staff sales commissions to drag overseas travelers into Thailand, why not slice a piece off that pie to plant trees?

If negotiated right, revenue would suffice not just for land and seedlings, but to also fairly remunerate local communities for helping with planting.

That way trees would be planted, and resident farmers established a second source of income, thus decreasing the need to further increase their farmland by cutting into forest areas. Vicious circle solved!

Negotiations with hotel booking platforms began, and were successful, and so the first trees were planted. Today, the local population benefits from a stable income stream while animals big and small enjoy their (partly) re-established habitat.

However, what sounds like the happy end of a fabulous fairy tale, is in fact nothing but a humble beginning. The rate of global deforestation still exceeds the reforestation rate by far, and every day thousands of acres of animal habitat are lost – and with it, unnoticed, quite regularly plant and animal species we never had the chance to discover.

In spite of all the damage being done, giving in to desperation would be the worst possible solution. Despite having lost a great deal of biodiversity without us noticing, there still is an astonishing myriad of flora and fauna left, which desperately needs our help.

And you surely can help!

Make B’n’Tree your go-to website whenever planning a trip, no matter how cheap or short. For every single booking you place we plant a tree, and if you diligently share this message with your friends, family and co-workers, the trees you’ll have initiated quickly add up to a huge, green, lively forest.

The known and unknown plant and animal species of this planet softly whisper:

“Thank you, awesome human. You’re a hero.”

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Become a hero today! Book your next bed now.

And then share this article and website with your Facebook friends, Pinterest pals, Insta-fans, Twitter tweeters, WhatsApp wizards, Snapchat chaps, email addicts as well as all those lovely living Leute you daily meet in real life.

We thank you. They’ll thank you.

For it is in fact true: The hero is you.

B’n’Tree Supporters

B’n’Tree is supported by individuals and companies all over the globe.
Some support us by actively promoting B’n’Tree, others offer advice and coaching.
Take a look at who supports B’n’Tree – and get in touch if you like to join this noble circle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always plant one tree per booked bed?

No. Most of the time we plant more, depending on the commission we receive from our partners. However, we guarantee to always plant at least one tree per paid booking.

I'm using the Booking.com App (or other apps from booking platforms you work with). Can I still use B'n'Tree?

Yes, yes you can. When you open bedandtree.com on your phone and select your favorite booking platform, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to proceed to their website or continue with their app. You can choose either option – as long as your booking began on bedandtree.com, we will plant a tree for you.

Special tip: Check out the B’n’Tree App – it makes planting trees even easier. Details on https://bedandtree.com/app.

Do all planted trees survive?

No. Depending on the area and the local conditions, about 50%-80% of all planted trees survive. However, we replant all the trees that do not survive, at no cost to you. We guarantee at least one surviving tree per paid booking that originated on B’n’Tree.

I love your project and would like to promote it. Can I?

Awesome! You sure can! Please go right ahead, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, share our website on social media and tell all your friends, family and co-workers about us. You can also print and distribute our cool poster.

In case you’d like to create a more in-depth review or story for a blog, newspaper article or other media outlet, please get in touch.

I know a cool hotel booking platform or other potential partner. What should I do?

Excellent, we’re always happy to explore the possibilities of new partnerships. The more partners we have, the more trees we can plant. Please get in touch!

Where are you planting trees?

With the help of our partners we plant trees all over the globe. And the more we grow, the more countries we can support, hence please spread the word!

For details on where we currently plant and how many trees we have planted already, please take a look at our cool tree-planting world map.

How much land area have you reforested?

Good question. One tree covers between 1sqm (1m x 1m) to 4sqm (2m x 2m), depending on the type of tree. That means that 10,000 trees cover between one and four hectares of land. One hectare is 100 x 100 meters, or 10,000sqm. Or, for a more visual comparison, one hectare is roughly one rugby field (1.008 ha). Now take a look at how many trees we have planted so far to get a better understanding of what we have already achieved together.

On the other hand, it will also become apparent that this is just the beginning, and there is still a lot left to do. Please help us by spreading the word! Tell your friends and family about B’n’Tree – and don’t forget to bring it up amongst work colleagues as well.

Do you offer volunteer positions?

Very good idea. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the means to offer volunteer positions. Also, we have found the local communities to take great pride in planting ‘their’ trees themselves, which encourages them to protect the trees more vigilantly. There may be volunteer positions available in the future in a related field, such as fencing, in nursery construction or potential well projects. If you’d like to hear about these, please sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll keep you in the loop on the latest developments.

Are you a charity?

No, we’re not. We don’t ask for donations or any money from you, as we finance our operations with commission payments from our partners.

Can I trust you?

We strongly believe so. People from five different continents are trusting us, so why shouldn’t you?

If for some reason you don’t: Being honest, you don’t have to. We don’t ask you for money, handle your payments or collect any sensitive data from you. All we ask you for is one click of your mouse, payments and sensitive data are handled by the respective booking platform you select.

If you are hesitant to trust us, please drop us a line to let us know why, we’re always keen to improve. Thank you!

What is the best tree joke out there?

To be honest with you: We don’t know. We haven’t yet found that incredible tree joke that cracked us up with laughter.

But if you know one: Please don’t leaf us hanging, send us a message, wood you? We’re always keen to hear good jokes!

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