Fantastic News: Best Western Hotels & Resorts joins B’n’Tree! The global hotel chain comprises over 4,100 properties in over 80 countries. It is the first company that actively approached B’n’Tree, requesting a cooperation in an effort to make their global operations more sustainable.

To plant free trees with Best Western, simply click on the image below. It guides you to the Best Western website, so you can make your booking right away. We plant one tree for every booking originating on – for free!

As always, there will be no additional cost to you, and Best Western guarantees to keep their prices stable – whether you book via B’n’Tree or not.

Feel free to also read the official press release by Best Western. (In German.)

German-speaking Best Western fans can save in their bookmarks to always have the correct link at hand.

An English version of this page will be created once the demand has been proven. So please share this website wide and far with everyone who speaks German! (Even if it’s just “Oktoberfest”, “Sauerkraut” and “Best Western rockt”.)

Best Western “Green Hotels”

Best Western “Green Hotels” are already very commited to saving our planet. Green commitments include a chicken hotel at the Baltic Sea via colonies of bees on hotel rooftops to zero-emission-hotels. In Germany alone over 50 hotels offer charging stations for electric and hybrid cars.

„With our cooperation with B’n’Tree we’re now taking one step further and plant one tree for every booking originating on Thereby we actively fight climate change, create habitat for endangered animal species and jobs for local communities.”, says Michaela Koch, director of marketing, CRM and customer loyalty at Best Western Hotels Central Europe.

Three good deeds with one single mouse click. Join the movement! And don’t forget to tell your family, friends and co-workers about this. Every tree counts!

How To Plant A Lot Of Trees With Best Western

To plant an entire forest with Best Western, save in your bookmarks for easy reference on your desktop computer. You can also use B’n’Tree as an app on your smartphone to always have it at hand when thinking about travel. We plant trees for you while you travel – for free.

To fully understand the incredible impact of your bookings, read up on the social and environmental benefits of reforestation.

And to never miss another update, new partner announcement or any of the great news we share with nature lovers every other week, sign up for our newsletter GROW. It’s free, and we plant one tree for every new subscriber.

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