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BedAndTree Growth Report December 2018

Our final growth report of the year: In December 2018, we planted 854 trees thanks to your sensational support. That is double as many trees as we planted in November 2018 with you! (And that besides not investing all December profits into tree-planting – more on that...

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Skyscanner Joins B’n’Tree

Skyscanner, the award-winning flight search engine, has joined B'n'Tree. Whenever a flight booking originates on bedandtree.com, we will plant a tree. As always, at no cost to you. Save bedandtree.com in your bookmarks to always have it at hand when thinking about...

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BedAndTree Growth Report November 2018

In November 2018, you helped plant 428 trees. This brings us super close to a total of 30,000 trees! To put this into perspective: By mid-2018, we aimed to plant 12,000 trees before the end of the year… For this month’s growth report, we got joined by a very special...

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BedAndTree Growth Report October 2018

Unbelievable! Despite making September 2018 a new record already, in October you beat the stunning September results by over 10%! Here’s a THANK YOU message from the B’n’Tree founder Chris Kaiser - including a free travel tip for you.   Why We Planted 9,115...

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Why And How To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree

Creating a bookmark for B’n’Tree in your browser makes planting trees even easier and faster than it already is. We know that time is valuable. And, of course, it doesn’t cost you a single Cent. So let’s do it! Why To Create A Bookmark For B’n’Tree The idea of...

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