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About Our Newsletter GROW

GROW is the B’n’Tree newsletter to share uplifting and inspiring success stories from all over the world with you, as we are aware we couldn’t achieve anything without your valuable support.

GROW stands for

Gemeinsam is the German word for ‘together’.

We tell you about the trees you’ve planted, the local communities you have helped as well as the exotic wildlife species that found a safe home thanks to you.

We also inform you about new partnerships as well as exciting specials and promotions, such as “1 bed, 2 trees”, so you can maximize the impact of your hotel bookings.

We even throw in some exciting travel inspiration and inside tips from all over the planet. Beware of daydreaming!

Last but not least, we explain various ways how to plant trees for free and generally make the world a better place, without having to leave your phone or computer.

These newsletters are sent once or twice a month, are completely free of charge, and you can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the newsletter.

Your data is safe and will be completely deleted from our servers upon your request.

People all over the globe love our newsletter, so we are confident you will as well.

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