Thanks to the global success B’n’Tree has achieved to date, companies outside the hotel booking industry have partnered up with us.

How It Works

Whenever you buy a product or service from one of our below listed partners, we will plant a tree for you. Just click on a partner’s logo to be guided to their website.

As with the hotel booking platforms, the prices for our partners’ products and services remain the same. Sometimes you even score a better deal here thanks to our partnership with the seller.

Please understand that we can only plant trees once you purchase something from our partners, not if you use free versions or cancel your order.

If you want to partner up with us, or know a potentially interesting partner, please do get in touch.

Thank you for your support!

Hotel booking platforms

Looking for a place to stay? Here are the best hotel booking platforms for you. As you are aware, we’ll plant a tree for every bed you book.


Agoda is a hotel booking platform based in Singapore. They run branches in over 30 countries, most of them in Eastern Asia and Australia. is seated in Amsterdam, but part of the US American Booking Holdings. It lists over 1.5 million properties and is available in over 40 languages.

Website Host

Need a website? Get a professional and reliable web host.


SiteGround is a webhosting company servicing over 1 million domains worldwide. If you have or plan to have a website, host it on SiteGround. Even if you opt for their cheapest plan, we’ll plant a tree.

Email Newsletter Programs

Sending newsletters? Our partners can help you with that.


MailerLite is the best free newsletter program.Their free plan covers up to 1,000 subscribers and includes all pro features like automation and top customer service already. Once you pass the 1,000 subscribers, we’ll plant a tree.


GetResponse’s HQ is in Poland, their staff all over the world. They speak over 20 languagesand deliver an excellent email marketing program. As all their plans are paid plans, we’ll plant a tree once you passed the free trial period.


Too much to do? Start outsourcing. You can outsource close to anything! (We have ranked the best outsourcing websites for you, and these two came out top.


PeoplePerHour is a British outsourcing platform full of super skilled professionals. Their prices are higher than Fiverr’s, but they’re worth the investment. Get others to save you tons of time – and we’ll plant a tree.


Fiverr got famous for its five-dollar-gigs. Head over to their website and see what 5 USD can buy – you’ll be surprised! As soon as you paid for your first gig, we’ll plant a tree.


Efficiency & Productivity

Looking to achieve more with less effort? Check out these handy helpers.


RescueTime tracks all your screen activities to offer insights what you spend most of your time on. The free version is super helpful already. In case you upgrade to Pro, we’ll plant a tree.

New Partner Suggestions

Do you know a potential new cooperation partner? Let us know!


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