Planting trees is a good thing. And it’s even better when it’s free! If you choose one of these excellent ways to plant trees for free you don’t even have to plant that tree yourself. All you have to do is pat yourself on the back for having done a good deed. Then go ahead and share this article with your family and friends, so they can plant free trees as well.

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Why You Should Plant Trees In The First Place

Trees are masters of many trades. They combat climate change, turn CO2 into vital O2 and offer habitat and food for exotic wildlife species. In addition, planting trees creates jobs for local communities in need. So yes, you are a hero when planting trees. Good work, you!

Below we have listed a few companies that plant trees for you – at no cost to you. Hence you can plant trees, but you don’t have to do it yourself, nor invest any of your hard-earned cash for paying someone to do it for you.

Take a look at the below projects, and give your favorite ones a shot. You have absolutely nothing to lose!


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B’n’Tree: You Travel, We Tree. For Free.

B’n’Tree is a cooperation with the world’s largest online booking platforms, such as Booking, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Expedia etc. For every booking that originates on, we plant a tree – without any charge to the user.

B’n’Tree is the most efficient and easiest way to plant trees for free. Humans love to travel. And B’n’Tree makes every journey a little more sustainable at no cost to the traveler.

Save in your bookmarks, so planting a free tree while booking your travel arrangements literally takes one extra click only: Click on B’n’Tree in your bookmarks, click on the logo of your preferred online travel platform, and place your booking as you always would. That’s it.

To use B’n’Tree on your smartphone, learn here how to use B’n’Tree like an app. You’ll plant trees for free with one tap of your finger.

B’n’Tree can plant trees for free because it receives marketing remuneration from its partners for referring you as a client to them. This marketing money would otherwise go into TV ads, posters and banners or Google Ads – or remain in the corporations’ pockets. You must admit it is much better invested into trees, right?

Partner alone reserves more than 1.5 million room nights – per day! If every user invested one single mouse click extra to begin their booking on, climate change issues would soon be a problem of the past.

To increase your impact, share the concept with your family, friends and co-workers. Feel free to copy and paste the B’n’Tree introduction email for this.

Special Tip: If you’re not planning on going anywhere at the moment, sign up for the B’n’Tree newsletter to plant a free tree right now.

Visit B’n’Tree on 

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Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Trees For Free

Ecosia is another fantastic option to plant trees for free. The clue: Ecosia invests most of their ad-generated profits into planting trees. You don’t have to do anything at all. (Checking out the sponsored ads in the search results at times might help, though.)

If you are an internet user and use search engines at times, make sure this search engine is Ecosia. Ecosia is free to use and offers an excellent app for smartphones.

On average, every 45-50 searches plant a free tree. (Note: The tree counter in the top right counter shows how many searches you have conducted via Ecosia already. Divide this number by 50, and you know how many free trees you have planted already.)

To maximize your impact, convince your company, campus and any other internet user to make Ecosia their default search engine as well. Every computer should run Ecosia. It’s the (eco-) logical thing to do.

Currently, Google processes about 40,000 search queries – per second. Imagine all these people knew about Ecosia… we’d need a few more planets to plant all those free trees.

In case that’s still not enough for you, check out the Ecosia online shop. Not only are all shirts, jumpers and hoodies produced fairly and organically, but Ecosia also spends 100% of all profits to plant trees. That means each t-shirt you buy plants 20 trees!

If you want to learn more about Ecosia, including the reason why they make you smarter and their one disadvantage, read The Ecosia Review. The Search Engine That Makes You Smarter.

Visit Ecosia on

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10Tree: Tree-Planting Clothing Brand

10Tree plants free trees whenever you purchase any of the cool clothing items in their online store. Yes, you do need to pay for the purchases, but the trees that are planted by 10Tree come without cost for you.

And 10Tree lives up to its name here: They not just plant one or two, but always ten trees for every product you buy! So go ahead and start your Free-Tree-Shopping-Spree! states there are two billion t-shirts sold every year. This number might be even higher, but if we planted 10 trees for each of those t-shirts, we had 20 billion free trees planted per year. That’s enough to offset the current global deforestation rate of 15 billion trees per year.

Thanks to 10Tree’s advanced IT you can even track the trees that you have planted and see how they are making a real-world difference. Feel-good shopping at its best.

For visual #nextoutfitinspiration, check out the 10Tree Instagram profile.

Visit 10Tree on

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Madera. Hammocks Need Trees!

Madera is a US brand selling outdoor gear of all kinds. The biggest part of their portfolio are hammocks. And since you need two trees to hang up your hammock, Madera plants these trees for you. Every hammock purchase plants two trees – for free, of course.

They made a really cool 58-second-video, which says it all.


In addition to planting two free trees for every sold hammock, Madera also has a few products that plant even more trees, like this 10-tree-ring. Guess how many trees will be planted when you buy one?

If you love the outdoors, you will love Madera.

Visit Madera on

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The Nu+Company: Where Eating Chocolate Plants Free Trees

The Nu+Company is reinventing chocolate on many different levels. Yes, they do plant a free tree for every chocolate bar you buy. But there’s more: Nucao chocolate bars are wrapped in plastic-free packaging. Simply throw the biodegradable cellulose wrap in the compost after enjoying your bar.

On top of the outer value, the inner values convince as well. Nucao bars are made of nothing but eight organic ingredients. Unsurprisingly, all these ingredients are directly and fairly traded, preventing child and slave labor. Agreements and audits with Peruvian cocoa farmers ensure sustainable farming practices.

Processed sugars are substituted with coconut nectar, avoiding sugar highs as well as the subsequent lows. So nucao chocolate bars are not just great for the environment, but also great for you.

Nucao chocolate is already super popular and widely available throughout Europe. Should you live outside the reach of the tree-planting chocolate empire, reach out to them to request delivery to your place. Or convince your favorite chocolate dealer to plant a tree for you next time you stock up on supply.

Oh, and: The nu+company is selling protein shake powder as well. Same deal: Purely plant-based, plastic-free packaging, and one free tree planted for every product sold. Feeling good never felt so good!

Visit The nu+company on

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Refurbed: Plant A Free Tree When Buying Refurbished Electronics

Refurbed sells smartphones, laptops, tablets and screens. For every sold product they plant a tree – for free. Great prices, free shipping and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy make shopping at refurbed a worry-free experience.

Items sold are either display items bought in bulk or used devices that have been fully refurbished. This helps reduce electronic waste and CO2 emissions. In addition, refurbed reforests the planet.

Fear not: Should anything not work as advertised, you can return the product within 30 days free of charge. On top of that, refurbed offers a minimum one-year warranty on all products.

Next time you’re looking for a new smartphone, tablet or laptop, think of refurbed – and plant a free tree with your purchase.

Note: Refurbed currently operates in Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland. Should you not live in either of these countries, use Ecosia to find similar local initiatives. Or contact your preferred retailer and encourage them to start planting free trees as well.

Visit refurbed on

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Tree Tribe: Outdoor Lifestyle Brand That Plants Trees For Free

Tree Tribe is a community driven outdoor lifestyle brand that plants 10 trees with every sale. As with 10Tree, you do have to pay the items you buy, but, again, the trees are planted without any additional cost to you.

Besides clothing, Tree Tribe offers extremely cool sunglasses made of wood and bamboo, eye-catching wallets made of ‘leaf leather’ as well as beautiful eco-friendly stainless-steel water bottles that come with a lifetime warranty.

Besides their products you will find some stunning landscapes and outdoor shots on the Tree Tribe Instagram. Amazing inspiration for all nature-loving travelers.

Visit Tree Tribe on

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Sabaidee: Making You Feel Good. And Planting Free Trees.

“Sabaidee” is the typical Thai answer when asking “Sabai dee mai khap?” – How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

Sabaidee is on a mission to help one million people live a healthier and happier life by providing the highest quality all-natural hemp extracts – and plant one million trees in the process.

Their approach to success is delivering cannabidiol (CBD) products that help relax and feel good. No, you won’t get high from these, and yes, they are completely legal.

Not convinced? Take a look at their outstanding reviews.

Every product sold plants one tree – free for you, of course!

Visit Sabaidee on

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The World Needs More Free Trees!

Do you have further ideas how to plant trees for free? Please post them in the comments below or join our Facebook conversation on planting free trees.

If you want to be truly awesome, share this article with your friends, family and co-workers, so they can also plant free trees. The more trees we plant, the better.

The world needs more trees! And it needs more amazing people like you. Go make a difference – and help spread the word, both via social media and wherever you go.

Thank you, awesome human!

Love, your B’n’Tree Team

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